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Monday, March 12, 2012

Alpha Male (Top Dog) Body language...Part 1:

I was taking some time off to do some SEO researches, but all that I managed to find is that most of the Marketing Courses out there are the same as the self help courses...USELESS

Most of the things you will find/download/read is just made to make you spend your time on their product while they pray that you will forget about the 60 day money back guarantee [lol]...

Well  that was eunuch "beaching" from my part, now lets start this subject of Body Language ( You can't become dominant alpha male if you have bad body language, you can lie to yourself by convincing that you look like "a very smart genius" that is at same time a "hunched alpha male").
The way you position your body determents how you will feel and how much of impact (dominance) will others detect from your communication/orders (example: if you are hunched you will feel more emotional/nice guy, even if you try to forcefully hurt others in order to prove to them that you are really a "bad boy"/lol).

So with that said lets look at how can you change your body language:
Step 1 is to notice your body position and always be aware of how are you holding (presenting) yourself
Step 2 is to picture how you want to look,stand,sound
Step 3 is to actively anchor bad feelings towards the bad body position (if you hate how you look, you will do everything in your force to change it)
Step 4 make a plan (find a model of alpha man body language...), or follow your bad feelings toward changing your body language (can be made of several steps determent of the persons character and/or the way it feels about changing,ego,identity).

....See you next time with the article dedicated to the "Step 1"...

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