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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Truth, Your Truth ..:: There Is No Such Thing As Truth ::..

In short if you believe that it is "cool" to kill someone [bad social conditioning], but you don't actually do any steps [consciously that is] towards fulfilling that "desire to be cool like Rambo" lol, because you are also aware that there is a severe penalty for taking someones else life, once someone has triggered your norms with their stupid "cool" mental desires [conscious or unconscious doesn't mater]  by either lowering your self confidence or ego by trying to jump start his/her [either stealing, using you, speaking bad, backstabbing in any way or form]
...well in that situation you will feel the need to act "cool" and brag that you will kill that guy or even attack him in real life [in any way or form].
All this is useless and far from "cool", why you want to be cool when you can be successful [easier said than done, at least for me]. Instead of saying bad things, getting your adrenalin up and simulating your [not real] feeling of being a "real man", you can let that person act superior and not tell any word or have any reaction, and because you keep your cool none will get hurt [unless you get attacked...that doesn't happen often], and become a dominant male in that situation.
example video:

PS. also conditioning yourself too much to be no reactive,don't give f*** or totally passive, can be dangerous if someone attacks you physically, so you also want to be able to fight someone and win no mater what. Just remember to hold your cool and position until you are attacked [and as my father says "when you act in self defense hit to kill, and don't feel sorry for no one that attacked you]

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