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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Do you have dating problems ?

Let me admit something to you my reader, I have serious dating problems as being a geek for whole of my life I never had luck with the opposite sex (getting girls) because of this I started to learn how to get girls and finally managed to score one to be my girlfriend, only problem being that after 4 long months she started to use me and treat me like a peace of garbage...I was desperate didnt know what to do about it.
It looked like nothing I've read from pickup didn't work, and as a result I lost my first love, my first relationship ended like a plane crash.

 I cant explain to you my dear reader the feelings I had after she broke up with me, I was searching for answers for what to do, how to continue with my life after my relationship ended and finally managed to find something that gave me hope.
And that is why I write to you now, to share my hope in how to get your ex girlfriend back with you, its free..and all you have to do is read this website I found online by accident, follow the writers as they teach us with lessons that can change our life's forever.

Here's the link:

I know that its new site and still doesn't have much info on it but this article calmed my mind
and I hope that it will do the same for you.

With Respect
Your daily writer and reviewer

Friday, June 1, 2012

Step 2 Picture How You Want To Be

Visualizing and Imagination are the doors to your subconscious.
There are two ways you can visualize something:
- as you are seeing it happening while looking from your eyes (in first person)
- or as you are looking it from a side (third person)

First person visualization is good for installing behaviors, and third person visualizing is more for thinking on new things (inventing situations,writing plans) that you probably haven't done before, however always think of the behavioral pattern (stopping eating,starting to exercise,approaching girls...) that you want to be able to do naturally firstly in the third person and secondly in first person (as you do the activity that you want to be able to do naturally and without thinking).

...Next to come: visualization about body language and about loosing weight 

P.S. Here is an Interesting post that I found while surfing the web, it is Titled " How to Relax: 24 steps - wikiHow "


Relax your mind Video:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Indifference ( secure indifference + action = confidence = air )

I know that this is little off of the subject that I started to write about, but I am going trough interesting situation right now where I have to coach a friend of my into "not being afraid" of girls / I realized that instead of thinking about the steps and planing the Article/Lesson, instead of investing any energy I can just give you some free stuff ( lessons in indifference ).

If you didn't guess until now, I am talking about a absolutely free way to read some insights and listen to Interviews (100% free download , no torrent or money required) recorded with some of the former clients of  Brent Smith that learned the full lesson ...the lesson of life/confidence/air

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Step 1 of How to Have Alpha/Dominant Body Language

The Step 1 is to be conscious of how you look at every time (you may want to also look into The Authentic Man Program -  Power of presence [and don't just google for "AMP - torrent ", instead save the money to buy the original product that way you will feel better about yourself]  because they also deal with the problem of not being in the moment/NOW).

If you have some belly that may effect the way you look to others (belly tends to make you look smaller and/or force you not to keep your back straight), so if you can't notice your belly while you look in the mirror but other factors (as how much you weight) indicate that you have one, you might find out that you are not always in the moment, you may find yourself noticing that maybe your close mask it really well or maybe your ego is trying to save you from self-confidence problems that may arise from the realization of how you actually look to others
But if you pay a closer look at the situation and if you can actually call yourself a "member of the FAT club" then you can come to a conclusion that the thought induced pain that maybe will even reduce your confidence (until you change your physical state) but also that same mechanism will drive you nuts in writing down a goal and keeping to that workout plan
Until one morning you find the new you, the you that can be proud with his body, and yet is not just another  body builder that thinks his looks made him into a god...but sometimes it is good just to enjoy in your skin.

Ok I must admit that I am playing with NLP but until now I only succeeded to help one person (one success in five tries), to make stuff more easy for your concision mind I will give you a practical advice to follow:

measure your height (notice if you must change your body position in order to measure your height, if yes that means that you have bad body language) and weight, if you used kilograms and centimeters for measuring (and you are male) then unless you have "heavy bones" or lot of muscles, you will weight something more or less (+/- 3 to5 kg) than if you extract 100 from your height ( example: you have 180cm height you, so you can weight 180-100=80 to 85 kilograms and not be fat unless you don't have any muscle in your body)
So with that fact in mind look yourself in the mirror (with not that much clothes) and notice what do you think about your body, notice if your thoughts are not in line with the facts of data you just calculated
If the data says that you are not fat, but you still look at yourself as one then you have another problem, a problem that is best fixed when you put on paper what is your ideal look [how do you want to look] and aspire towards that look no mater what.
On the other hand if the numbers say that you are fat but you still can't notice any belly, then you must change something in your daily plans, stop drinking coffee, alcohol, tea and just start to drink pure water and eat only when you are hungry and eat only healthy food, the kind of food that doesn't have any sugar in it and is not deep fried, the kind of food that comes from the nature and is fresh.
Take the fish as an example or chicken, and every kind of vegetable...but what ever you do you must always keep an eye on the reality so you don't overdo anything and loose too much, because to a man it is totally unhealthy to not be able to take care of himself, so you must also have your mind on building some muscles

And more on that in the other steps of this blog....Read you next time

Monday, March 12, 2012

Alpha Male (Top Dog) Body language...Part 1:

I was taking some time off to do some SEO researches, but all that I managed to find is that most of the Marketing Courses out there are the same as the self help courses...USELESS

Most of the things you will find/download/read is just made to make you spend your time on their product while they pray that you will forget about the 60 day money back guarantee [lol]...

Well  that was eunuch "beaching" from my part, now lets start this subject of Body Language ( You can't become dominant alpha male if you have bad body language, you can lie to yourself by convincing that you look like "a very smart genius" that is at same time a "hunched alpha male").
The way you position your body determents how you will feel and how much of impact (dominance) will others detect from your communication/orders (example: if you are hunched you will feel more emotional/nice guy, even if you try to forcefully hurt others in order to prove to them that you are really a "bad boy"/lol).

So with that said lets look at how can you change your body language:
Step 1 is to notice your body position and always be aware of how are you holding (presenting) yourself
Step 2 is to picture how you want to look,stand,sound
Step 3 is to actively anchor bad feelings towards the bad body position (if you hate how you look, you will do everything in your force to change it)
Step 4 make a plan (find a model of alpha man body language...), or follow your bad feelings toward changing your body language (can be made of several steps determent of the persons character and/or the way it feels about changing,ego,identity).

....See you next time with the article dedicated to the "Step 1"...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Truth, Your Truth ..:: There Is No Such Thing As Truth ::..

In short if you believe that it is "cool" to kill someone [bad social conditioning], but you don't actually do any steps [consciously that is] towards fulfilling that "desire to be cool like Rambo" lol, because you are also aware that there is a severe penalty for taking someones else life, once someone has triggered your norms with their stupid "cool" mental desires [conscious or unconscious doesn't mater]  by either lowering your self confidence or ego by trying to jump start his/her [either stealing, using you, speaking bad, backstabbing in any way or form]
...well in that situation you will feel the need to act "cool" and brag that you will kill that guy or even attack him in real life [in any way or form].
All this is useless and far from "cool", why you want to be cool when you can be successful [easier said than done, at least for me]. Instead of saying bad things, getting your adrenalin up and simulating your [not real] feeling of being a "real man", you can let that person act superior and not tell any word or have any reaction, and because you keep your cool none will get hurt [unless you get attacked...that doesn't happen often], and become a dominant male in that situation.
example video:

PS. also conditioning yourself too much to be no reactive,don't give f*** or totally passive, can be dangerous if someone attacks you physically, so you also want to be able to fight someone and win no mater what. Just remember to hold your cool and position until you are attacked [and as my father says "when you act in self defense hit to kill, and don't feel sorry for no one that attacked you]

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be careful what are you listening/watching

If you listen to slimy love songs and watch soap movies on TV, that will effect greatly how you behave in every aspect from your life.

As an experiment listen to Metal,Hard Rock,Rap for one week [must have some isolation factor from outside motivators/influencer as friends,family...] and then go out and see how your behavior is more aggressive.
The next week listen to Romantic [example: Sting] audios and see how you become more nice.

In the end I think that is important to have healthy personality so don't overdo-listen, and expect to have some resistance or too much success with this experiment dependent from your believe in my writing [the level of emotion/rapport "saying yup that is true/not-true consciously or subconsciously" that you give me]